Publit makes it fast, easy and affordable to publish and distribute books commercially. Publit fundamentally changes the condition for the publishers by radically reducing the economical thresholds for publishing. Publit is developed to meet the needs of the publishers, but also makes it possible for those who lack both capital and knowledge to easily be able to start a publishing house.

It all started with the love of books. Publits founders; Per Helin, Richard Herold, Nille Svensson and Hannes Eder used to meet over a beer to talk about their book of the month. They toyed with the idea of setting up a light weight publishing operation to bring some of their favourite writers back into print, but couldn’t afford to enter the capital intense race of traditional publishing. They needed a new set tools. Building Publit was a way to scratch their own itch.

Today Publit is the only service on the market that offers an enterprise grade infrastructure for ebooks as well as physical books printed on demand, providing a platform for direct to consumer sales as well as reaching a large network of retailers.

Ever since the beginning, our goal has been clear: Make publishing, distribution and selling books of any format easier.